Takara Legends Seaspray & Lione, Twin Twist, and Topspin In-Hand Images

Via Twitter users @IG_35425 and @bludgeon3, we have in-hand images of the new Transformers Legends LG64 Seaspray & Lione, LG65 Targetmaster Twin Twist (with Spoil), and LG66 Targetmaster Topspin (with Peaceman) from TakaraTomy, currently shipping out to customers now. These are the final regular releases in TakaraTomy’s Legends line, and for the foreseeable future, the final Japanese retail figures with dedicated paint accuracy to the 1980s cartoon.

Seaspray is a redeco of Titans Return Legends Class Seaspray. Lione is a redeco of Titans Return Titan Master Sawback. Targetmaster Twin Twist is a redeco of Titans Return Deluxe Class Twin Twist, packaged with the new mold Spoil. Finally, Targetmaster Topspin is a redeco of Titans Return Deluxe Class Topspin, packaged with Peaceman a retool of Legends Recoil.

Thanks to the man, the myth, the legend, Allsparker extraordinaire and Legends aficionado Powered Convoy for the scoop.
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