Studio Series Blackout – and Everything Else – Spotted in New Zealand! UPDATE: Blackout Loose Gallery from TFND

Studio Series has been rolling out fast but uneven, with the much-anticipated Leader Blackout yet to appear outside Asia. Reddit user Maximumboneage, based in Auckland, New Zealand shared a photo of a rare find – all of Studio Series Wave 1 in one place. Meanwhile, Facebook group Transformers Never Die has published a large gallery of loose Blackout images!
We’ll not linger on the fact that the “one place” Maximumboneage found the lineup was “surrounded on all sides by Star Wars merch”. Maximumboneage also relates the sad tale of only being able to purchase the Starscream, which may be good news to fellow Auckland residents, in the Reddit thread. Scroll down for details and a stunning gallery of the loose figure.

To our knowledge, Blackout has been so far absent in spite of appearances of his wave- and price-point-mate Grimlock. The figure is one of the most anticipated in Studio Series; although most of the lineup is new toolings, many of the figures are iterative improvements perfecting characters at price points we’ve seen somewhere before in the decade of Movie toys, often using similar engineering. Stinger, who’s never been seen in his film-accurate alt mode before, and Blackout, who many fans have wished for in appropriately bulky Leader-class rendition since 2007, are particularly exciting exceptions.
While the line incrementally rolls out in the rest of the world, Taiwan-based Facebook group Transformers Never Die has released robot and alt-mode galleries of Blackout, from which we’ve selected a few highlights below. There’s much more to see in the linked galleries; thanks to Allspark Leader-class figure Powered Convoy for pointing this out to us and enabling this update.

Come discuss the New Zealand trove or share your thoughts on Blackout in our Studio Series thread on the Allspark Forums or on our Discord server!