Start Your Engines – March Mayhem IV: Sparky Races Begins!

March Mayhem IV: Sparky Races begins now! It’s a demolition derby death race with 32 teams from across time and the multiverse, in elimination duel format. Only one team will cross the final finish line! Vote to decide the fates of our competitors! Predict the winners to win a Titans Return Trypticon! Submit your bracket predictions by Friday!

Sparky races pits Ultra Magnus, driven by Verity Carlo, against Optimal Optimus accompanied by the spark of Optimus Prime; the Savage Land’s Ka-Zar riding TM2 Cheetor, beating feet against Apeface piloted by Optimus Minor; Sunstreaker and Chip Chase facing off against Cogman and Cade Yeager. No timeline is safe! But only one team goes home with the cup – or at all!
Check out the “Post Your Brackets” thread to see the full 32-team bracket. To be eligible for the prize, you must post your bracket in that thread either as a text list, image, or PDF by 11:59PM Eastern time on March 23rd. If you edit the post or image after that, you won’t be eligible to win (but you can still vote and enjoy the games!), so get those brackets in quick!
Points are assigned for correct predictions in each bracket stage. Correct predictions for successive rounds are worth more points.

  • Thrill-Kill 32 – 1 point
  • Cesium 16 – 2 points
  • Furious 8 – 4 points
  • Fast 4 – 8 points
  • Interstellar Challenge Championship – 12 points
The bracket with the highest points after all votes are in will be declared the winner! In the event of a tie, we’ll pick a name from a virtual hat.

Each round will be played via a series of polls posted in the March Mayhem IV forum. There will be a 1-2 day break between each round. All times are Eastern.
March 23 11:59PM: User brackets due, the games begin!
March 24 12:00AM – March 25 11:59PM: Round of 32 voting
March 27 12:00AM – March 28 11:59PM: Round of 16 voting
March 30 12:00AM – March 31 11:59PM: Round of 8 voting
April 2 12:00AM – April 3 11:59PM: Round of 4 voting
April 5 12:00AM – April 6 11:59PM: Championship voting
April 7 12:00AM – Champion and winning bracket announced!
Check out card art and bios for each March Mayhem team in their own thread for individual discussion in the MEET THE COMBATANTS! forum. Then add your favorite player to your signature here on the boards, and start campaigning to convince people to vote the way you want them to! Remember, in this contest, the popular vote actually matters!
Any questions or comments? Ask us in the main March Mayhem IV: Sparky Races thread on the Allspark Forums! Otherwise, post your bracket, and let the Mayhem begin! Pull for your team in our forum discussions or on Twitter with #AllsparkMarchMayhem!