Power of the Primes Rippersnapper Gallery and Review!

Ripping into the Allspark Studios today to correct those he feels are an error is the abominable Terrorcon Rippersnapper! He may hate the smell of carbon-based lifeforms, but today, we get to judge him! Risk his ferocious frenzy by checking out our review and comparison gallery after the break!

The original Terrorcons seemed kinda extraneous to me.  Don’t get me wrong, I wanted them since I could not get enough of the combiners, but Predaking was lord of all gestalt teams, especially on the Decepticon side.  Add to that a set of thick, stubby monster modes and the kind of moved down to the bottom of my list.  It was seeing them in the cartoon, comics, and more than anything else via tons of fan art in the 90’s that made them cool for me.
Rippersnapper is no longer a stub of plastic with arms stuck on the side…though he may still have a pair of arms stuck on the side. 😛

Rippersnapper Beast Mode
Rippersnapper would be pretty terror inducing in real life. As a bipedal land shark with claws and canons, he is not exactly common in appearance.  Of course, as neat as this mold looks in this form, his color scheme of mostly blue and grey, which paired with his form reminds me a bit of a bad Scooby-Doo villain, which means I keep getting this strange vibe he might be Mr. Wells. In spite of the goofiness of my mind, I have to say this guy is pretty impressive.  He has Wolverine looking claws on his hands, lots of tech detail on his stomach and back, and some nicely painted silver teeth that really make the shark face pop.  His legs only have joints on the hips and knees, but that does not inhibit his poseability.  Since said poseability is mostly looking creepy, it works.  The paint diversity on this figure is nice.  I was expecting him to have a little paint, but he has nice color variation.  There is yellow, red, silver on both his stomach and back, and a slightly metallic teal on his abs.  Topping off the look is a Decepticon symbol on the shark head that mimics the rub symbol he originally sported back in ’87.  Classic.  One last detail is that if you attach his Prime container/fist to his back, he gets a pointy butt.  Not sure what good it will do, but hey…pointy butt.

Rippersnapper Robot Mode
Transformation to robot mode involves the normal combiner steps.  There isn’t much you haven’t already seen here for that part.  In robot mode, all off Rippersnapper’s colors and detail are even more visible, and he looks very cartoon ready.  His claw hands rotate at the wrist, and he can use them just like the aforementioned Wolverine, while also being able to sport a weapon if needed, like the cannons on his back in beast mode.  The yellow of his faceplate and the red of his eyes really stand out on the blue robot head, which has way more range of movement than many previous figures (THANK YOU, HasTak!).  You can lower a panel in his chest to add the Prime container/fist to him as a sort of shield.  You can also insert the peg from the fist into his robot hand, close the thumbs around it and rotate it in such a fashion that he has a mega fist to add power to his punches.  Overall, Rippersnapper’s robot mode is poseable, versatile, visually striking, and fun.
Rippersnapper limb mode
Again, standard fair here.  Rippersnapper makes a solid limb in both leg and arm modes.  The one minor issue he has is that the arms and legs from beast mode somewhat get in the way when posing him.  A big bonus for this figure is that the legs/forearms stay together solidly while holding the combiner fist, which is not the case for other figures I had such high hopes for, like Swoop.  This puts Rippersnapper slightly above his other combiner brethren from Power of the Primes.

While Rippersnapper’s transformation might be a bit on the predictable side, his coloring, poseability, and solidness in combiner mode make up for it.  He is fun and does not have any major negatives to detract from your enjoyment.  There is nothing to disappoint here!

I give Rippersnapper a solid 8/10!  He is sure to terrorize any Autobots and small carbon-based beings hanging around your collection.  Make sure you pick him up quickly so that he can get a head start judging the evolutionary status of your realm before the rest of the Terrorcon team arrives!