Power of the Primes Predaking Loose Gallery in All Forms via Snakas and Weibo User hasbrotf

Predaking is the Titan-class centerpiece of the PotP line, to be released later this year. We’ve seen images of the combination, individuals, and even comparison with the originals since the NY Toy Fair, but two new galleries not only offer the best images we’ve seen of the individual robots but demonstrate the combined mode articulation and the combination process itself.
First up is a creative robot mode gallery by Weibo user hasbrotf. (Check out the original gallery four a few more shots.) The combination seems every bit as posing-friendly as previous Titan class releases anticipate many, many fan photos of Predaking playing with the pets and helping out with household chores on his release.

Meanwhile, the always vigilant Snakas dug up a complementary gallery of the Predacons in their individual forms and (new, somewhat unconventional) combination scheme. Scroll down for the goodies in full.
Not represented in either gallery is the exclusive Onyx Prime Prime Master, though you can see his spark mode installed in Predaking’s chest, in its very own Matrix frame, in both.
How do you feel about this rendition of the objectively best Generation 1 combiner? Overwhelmed? Underwhelmed? Merely whelmed? Come share your thoughts in our Power of the Primes thread on the Allspark Forums, or shout out in our Discord server.
Thanks to Allspark users Thylacine 2000 and Powered Convoy for this scoop!