New Packaging Images for Optimal Optimus, Novastar, Prime Masters, and (Sort Of) Predaking

Snakas scooped up a series of leaks on Sina Weibo of packaging for wave 3 Power of the Primes figures, including full front and back images for Optimus Primal in package, Novastar’s (Firestar’s) card back, a small image of the three Prime Masters corresponding to Bludgeon, Octopunch, and Bomb-Burst, and a small scan of artwork from Predaking’s package.

You can check out Snakas’s original post or browse the images below.
Optimal Optimus is interesting: Among the various features illustrated in his box back, there’s no indication of removable forearm armor or a flight mode. Of course, this could well continue the trend of past Power of the Primes packaging, like that of Battleslash and Roadtrap, simply not indicating all the features present in the instructions. (We have no doubt that if there is indeed no official flight mode in spite of past reveals, there will also be no shortage of preferred fanmodes to restore it.)

Thanks to storied Allsparker Powered Convoy, whose spiked knuckle dusters are not an artistic elaboration, for sharing this item with us. You can come discuss the news and join the speculation in progress on the removability of Optimus’ forearm armor in our Power of the Primes thread, or share your thoughts in realtime on our Discord server.