March Mayhem IV Cesium 16 Match Spotlight

The Allspark’s popular March Mayhem event is underway, and the second round of voting, known as the Cesium 16 has less than 32 hours left! Cast your votes in the March Mayhem section of the board. Voting for Round 3, the Furious 8, goes live at 12:01am EST on Friday, March 30 and will remain open until 11:59pm EST on Saturday, March 31!

Last round’s MVP, Apaface with Spasma & Optimus Minor a.k.a. Team Simian, is down 17-12 against an Optimus Prime redeco, Primitive Prime with Shreddicus Maximus. Will they lose this battle due to their Team Simian Prepare for Oblivion charades?
Remember, voting is open to EVERYONE!!  Even if you don’t have a bracket on the line, your votes matter in determining a winner. Will you vote for the Optimus Prime redeco team? Will you vote for the Headmaster that should have received a toy during a line whose gimmick revolved around Headmasters? Perhaps his chances to get a new updated toy will skyrocket if he wins this contest. It’s your call! Make your selection, then tell others why and try to influence their votes!
Don’t forget to check out card art and bios for each March Mayhem team in their own thread for individual discussion in the MEET THE COMBATANTS! forum.

If you’re not a member but want to participate, join here! Add your favorite team to your signature here on the boards and pull for your team in our forum discussions, Facebook, right into the live chat on our Discord server, or on Twitter with #AllsparkMarchMayhem!