Legends LG-59/Titans Return Blitzwing Comparison Gallery and Review!

Destroying first and thinking later in the Allspark Studios today is the Deception Ground and Air Commander, Blitzwing!  Do you want the toy accurate version, or is the cartoon version more your style?  Tune in after the jump to figure it out!  Let’s just hope he doesn’t get stuck mid-transformation…

G1 Blitzwing in the cartoon was so cool as a concept.  Being able to go from a land to an air mode meant he had a power and versatility that other Cybertronians did not possess.  Sadly, he seems a lot like his tech spec, thinking later, with an intelligence level that isn’t that great to begin with.  There is a reason he tried to take over an American football team.  I had a friend with the toy and it was both underwhelming and desirable.  I did not have it, but I wanted it, in spite of the goofiness of the robot mode.  Ever since then, Hasbro has tried to varying degrees of success to update the character.  I loved the TFA version, and the toy was fun, but I will always prefer a design aesthetic closer to G1.  The first Generations mold was good attempt, but the shoulder design was a huge fail.  Now we have a new version in Legends/Titans Return, and I think the only way I could like this figure more is if he had 2 more Titanmasters to get me the Animated alternate faces.

Tank mode
Unlike Overlord, Blitzwing’s tank mode does have a rotating turret.  The treads are solid and do not move, but there are 4 wheels along the underside that do allow for movement.    The tank turret has a nice gunner station, with the top of the turret becoming a sort of blast shield.  The illusion of the tank is reasonably good, but it is definitely not perfect.  The front still has visible jet exhausts still showing, and the jet wings and cockpit are still visible from the back side.  Even so, it’s a fun mode.

Tank Differences: Legends vs. Titans Return
The stickers on the turret and wings for the Hasbro version are distracting.  Because the stickers are placed on joint breaks, they come peeling right out of the box.  The overall color scheme differences are a light tan for Legends with a light purple (show colors) and a dark tan and purple on the Titans Return version (toy version).  The Hasbro version has a purple barrel, unlike the solid turret on the Legends version.  As for additional QC, I have had significant issues getting the legs to snap into place to form the tank (and jet) body on the Hasbro version, while the Takara version clicks into place nicely.  Please don’t let your internal dialogue interpret that as a “Hasbro sucks” argument.  I’m just reporting this one how it is.
Jet Mode
The jet mode on the G1 toy was always my favorite.  Who wouldn’t love a jet with a tank turret on the bottom?  Even with the turret and treads being visible in this mode, I think it is the more solid of the two vehicle modes.  It looks like a powerful jet fighter, even if it would not be super aerodynamic.  I would have loved to get an opening canopy, but this mode looks so much like the G1 toy that I will totally forgive not having it.

Jet Differences: Legends vs. Titans Return
Beyond the purples and tans, the significant differences between these two are Hasbro’s stickers on the wings and what will be the robot chest, as well as a painted nosecone versus the Legends’ non-painted one and a clear canopy on the Hasbro version versus a slightly blue one on the Takara jet.  The Takara version also has dark grey stripes on the wings that go alongside the body of the jet, with Decepticon tampo details.
Again, the QC on this figure on the domestic release is a significant letdown.  I really want to love it as much as the Takara version, because I love both color schemes.  Loose joints on the wings, the continued issue with the legs not pegging in properly, and significant breaks in the color scheme on the wings due to gaps between the stickers make me less than satisfied.  The Legends jet mode is solid, if you align the parts properly.
Robot Mode
Robot mode is what you would expect.  This is clearly G1 Blitzwing.  The articulation is again, what you would expect, but I was initially wary of the shoulders.  The design does not appear to be the most solid of setups, and I was afraid he would ultimately disappoint me with shoulders that popped out as I moved the arms.  Somehow…they don’t.  He poses nicely, and he’s fairly stable, though you may have to turn his legs slightly at the things for a few of those poses.  The head articulation is limited if you leave the “collar tabs” in their unlocked position, but if you push them into the locked position, the head is freed up to turn left and right. Throw in some weapons and you have a solid Generation 1 Blitzwing, which is exactly what we needed in Generations.

Robot Differences: Legends vs. Titans Return
Significant differences in deco include:

  • Hasbro’s feet are the same brown as the rest of the deco, while Takara’s has metallic purple feet
  • Hasbro knees are also the brown from the overall deco, while Takara has gray knees
  • The Hasbro hands are nicely a different color than the forearms, making them stand out, while Takara’s are the same purple as the rest of the deco
  • The Hasbro hip plastic is the same grey as the plastic on the sides of the torso, Takara’s hips are grey while the side plastic is brown
  • The upper arms on the Legends version has an extra bit of purple paint
  • The Takara chest plate is mostly painted over and has an additional red and metallic purple paint app that the Hasbro does not have
  • The Hasbro version has a dark purple face will the Takara version is light gray

In spite of a few QC issues on the Hasbro version, the robot mode seals it for me.  I like both versions equally, as nice but unique versions of the same character.  I don’t think I can take either off my shelf, and I enjoy seeing them posed dynamically in battle against their Autobot foes.
I give both Hasbro and Takara Blitzwing a 7/10 for being a good figure with a few joint issues.  Takara’s gets an extra .5 for better quality joints.  If you either prefer a strong toy deco, or need to stay under budget, I think the Hasbro version is the route to go.  If you prefer the cartoon look, and can shoulder the extra cost, go with Legends.  The transformation on this mold might make it hard to perform for younger fans, so purchase with that in mind, or you may be the one doing all the mode shifting.  I do recommend you get a version, so if you can’t find him in brick and mortar stores, get to an e-tailer now!