Kickback Joins Forged to Fight

Kabam released the Insecticon Kickback in Forged to Fight today. The insectoid scout is built for draining enemies’ health and comes with a special move for sabotaging enemies’ transformation! Kabam have provided the full stats and a sizzle reel for the new character.

Check out the video below and scroll down for Kickback’s bio and turnaround, or see his page on the Forged to Fight website for detailed stats, abilities, and matchups. Try him out in game or come discuss your thoughts in our Forged to Fight discussion thread or our Discord server!

Faction: Decepticon

Class: Scout

Intelligent and deceptively persuasive, Kickback’s power to manipulate minds is only ever a ploy to gain access to the information or resources he seeks. Like all Insecticons, Kickback feels the urge to continuously consume all material around him and is capable of chewing through even the toughest Cybertronian metal.