IGN Reveals Complete IDW Unicron Image from WonderCon

Via IGN, reporting from WonderCon 2018, we now have more details of the upcoming Transformers: Unicron miniseries from IDW Publishing. IGN has also revealed Alex Milne and Sebastian Cheng’s complete art of Unicron’s robot mode look, which IDW has been teasing via Twitter in the past week.

Transformers: Unicron (previously solicited as Unicron: The Darkest Hour) is a six-issue miniseries (presumably in addition to the Free Comic Book Day issue #0), scheduled to begin in July and ship twice monthly. Unicron is written by John Barber, drawn by Alex Milne, and colored by Sebastian Cheng.

“TRANSFORMERS: UNICRON is a culmination of the years of TRANSFORMERS comics I’ve been a part of… and the conclusion of one of the longest continued narrative in TRANSFORMERS history” said Barber. “This is a story of heroism in the face of impossible odds; of a reckoning for an entire universe. I couldn’t be luckier than to have Alex [Milne] right here with me on this—if you know Alex, you know nobody puts more into the TRANSFORMERS than he does, and nowhere before has he drawn drama, action, and pathos at this scale. Tying it all together is the incredible palette of Sebastian Cheng. We’ve never held back before on our TRANSFORMERS comics, but this time we’re pushing ourselves — and each other — harder than ever.”

Via Discord user Exastiken, who is on-site in Anaheim, we also told that Unicron is approximately 17 times the size of Earth. The opposite of Primus integrates planets he consumes into his structure. When asked if Unicron could consume stars, IDW was tight-lipped; perhaps this will come into play in the story.
Unicron will be the end for the Hasbro Universe. Following the Unicron event, the current ongoing series will end as Hasbro and IDW are planning a reboot of the comics. This also means that Visionaries will not receive a series of its own after Transformers vs. Visionaries.
FYI: this article’s thumbnail of Unicron in planet mode is James Raiz and David Garcia Cruz’s art from the coda of First Strike #6. Below is Milne and Cheng’s art:

For reference, here is how Unicron appeared in The Transformers: The Movie in 1986 and Marvel’s “On the Edge of Extinction!” in 1990.

The Transformers #75 – “On the Edge of Extinction!” – by Simon Furman, Geoff Senior, Nel Yomtov, and Rick Parker
For a three-page preview of Unicron: The Darkest Hour #0, due out Free Comic Book Day 2018, see here.
Thanks to our resident comic book aficionado Jalaguy for the scoop.
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