Free Comic Book Day 2018 Interview with John Barber and Alex Milne

The Free Comic Book Day site has published an interview with IDW Publishing’s John Barber and Alex Milne, writer and artist of the upcoming Unicron: The Darkest Hour #0, due out this year’s Free Comic Book Day, Saturday 5 May 2018.

Free Comic Book Day (FCBD): When Unicron arrives, that means the end of a universe! Tell us what makes this story the biggest in the history of the Transformers? 
John Barber: This is the end of the story we’ve been telling for over a decade. The IDW Transformers comics are the longest-lasting iteration Transformers characters ever—there’s more fiction in this universe than anywhere else in the history of the brand—and it all comes crashing down with Transformers: Unicron.
The question of what Unicron is—of what could be so big as to threaten all of reality—is central to the story. Everybody writing Transformers comics right now got together to figure out how to pull this off—me, James Roberts, Mairghread Scott, Nick Roche, plus the great editorial teams at IDW and Hasbro, and I think we’ve made something with depth, action, pathos, tragedy, and—maybe, if the Transformers are lucky—ultimately some triumph.
Alex Milne: I feel it’s the biggest story due to the stake being so high. It’s not just the Transformers and Cybertron that have to worry about Unicron, but the Earth and the other colony worlds as well. It really is something that affects this shared universe that IDW has created. Unicron is the destroyer of worlds, and not everyone will survive this encounter. Will out heroes even be able to stop him? I guess you’ll have to read to find out.

For a three-page preview of Unicron: The Darkest Hour #0, see here.
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