Forged to Fight Wins Best Mobile Game

Via Facebook, Hasbro has announced that the mobile game Transformers: Forged to Fight has won “Best Mobile Game” at the 2018 Mobile World Congress, a global exhibition and conference for mobile manufacturers, vendors, and developers that ended Wednesday in Barcelona, Spain.

Kabam has always aimed high with Forged to Fight as a game experience – Mike McCartney, executive producer for the project, has even claimed that the team don’t think of it as a mobile game at all, but as a console game engineered for the mobile platform. That ethos seems to have paid off as the Mobile World Congress have named the game Best Mobile Game. The game also ranked (among others) as one of Google Play’s most competitive games at the end of last year.
This time, the award means Kabam being listed among industry titans like Huawei, Apple, and Netflix as the best things going in the mobile space.

The official evaluation with the award hails the game’s popularity, awareness of its fanbase, and ease of use.

Appealing to fans across the generations, this is designed for ease of use on mobile devices, proven by its millions of downloads.

Forged to Fight has the writing and visual design that can only come of a team who are fans themselves, and we’ve reported on the character and chapter teases and rollouts as the game has progressed. But the award demonstrates that we toy robot nerds aren’t the only ones who’ve taken notice.
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