Detailed Gallery of TakaraTomy Transformers Encore God Fire Convoy

Hobbymizer Hong Kong has posted an extensive gallery of TakaraTomy’s Encore reissue God Fire Convoy set, the character known as Omega Prime in the US. The background is inexplicable, but the images are clear and high-quality, detailing Fire Convoy and God Magnus in all their forms, including the combined God Fire Convoy, and highlighting the changes in the new release.
Compared to the original releases from 2000, the new decos reduce the chrome and tighten the anime accuracy. The set includes the finale’s Super God Sword, similarly adjusted from its past release in a more anime-accurate scheme.
Browse the images below, then visit Hobbymizer Hong Kong’s Facebook gallery for a demonstration of the light and sound features, which are not only retained from the original release but feature newly recorded audio from the original Car Robots voice actors.
Thanks to Allspark whole-greater-than-the-sum-of-his-parts Powered Convoy for tipping us off to this story. You can discuss the set in our topic on the subject on the Allspark Forums or on our Discord server.