Action and Adventure Podcast Ep. 19 – Sad Cyborg Warrior Men

ACTION AND ADVENTURE RETURNS! After long break, the Hasbro Universe Podcast is back, going through the backlog of recorded episodes. Read on to listen to the new episode!

Daniel and Callum kick off this episode by going over the solicitations for IDW’s April 2018 releases. In the comics, darkness falls on Cybertron as Onyx Prime finally arrives in Optimus Prime #15, bringing his army of beasts with him. Then, in Lost Light #13, the Lost Light crew get at each other’s nerves and bore our hosts. Lastly, in ROM & The Micronauts #2, the Space Knight journeys into the world of the Micronauts and he and Acroyear get to be Sad Armor Bros together.
(This episode was recorded January 28, 2018)
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00:00 – Introduction
02:27 – IDW April 2018 Solicitations
23:33 – Optimus Prime #15 Discussion
39:11 – Lost Light #13 Discussion
54:11 – ROM & the Micronauts #2
1:11:13 – Next Week’s Comics
1:13:32 – Outroduction
Featured Audio:
Opening – Action Man (2000) Opening Theme
Ending – Micronauts commercial #1
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