Loose Images of Cyber Battalion Sideswipe

Via Snakas and originally from 赛博坦之声88 on weibo, we have robot and alternate mode images of Cyber Battalion Sideswipe, wave-mate with the upcoming Shockwave and retool of Cyber Battalion Prowl. These follow the previous Cyber Battalion releases of Jetfire and Starscream, in a similar vein to the evergreen-styled “Authentics” lineup but exclusive to Walgreens stores in the US.

While Sideswipe shares Prowl’s engineering as well as the sculpt of his shoulders, lower torso, and thighs, the newly tooled parts do manage to alter his proportions a bit to match Sideswipe’s linebacker build, and his alternate mode references elements of the Robots in Disguise incarnation of the character.

The images were caught by Snakas and originally posted by 赛博坦之声88 on weibo. Previous images from weibo user NOTRAB showed off the packaging art of both figures as well as one fairly impressive shot of Shockwave loose – see below and more at Snakas’s blog.

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