Transformers Legends to continue via TakaraTomy Mall?!

Allspark user Powered Convoy alerts us to an Autobase Aichi summary of content from  Hyper Hobby volume 07 which possibly contains some very good news for fans of TakaraTomy’s Transformers output. In the words of the ever-reliable Professor Google:

TF related to Hyper Hobby released today is 2 pages in color
◆ Power of the Prime Japanese version Introduction of products from June to July.
Basically it looks like a new photo. The introductory text itself is not particularly novelty content, but regarding the PP series, it seems to be a policy to release all kinds with the worldwide common specification.
In relation to that, with regard to the future of the TF Legends of the current series, there is a description that “Takara Tomy Mall will be continued around the center”.
By the way, with regard to the coalescing function of the dreaddwind and black wing, I did not mention it here as well.
◆ Other, Introduction of 4 types of the first turbo change series, MP-34S Shadow Panther. Basically posted in advertisement materials.
There is nothing to do with Transformers, but articles about Shincarion ‘s toys are 3 pages in color, of which 1 page is Takara Tomy’ s development staff interview article. There is a description that development of Shinkallion toys went while consulting with the TF team

While this is not a lot to go on, it’s a ray of hope for fans who were disappointed that TT had moved to Hasbro-identical releases for PotP. We may still be getting some “The Japanese Releases Are Better” better Japanese releases after all.
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