Toy Fair 2018: Playmates Toys’ Ben 10 Official Images

Playmates Toys have kindly shared some images and details on their upcoming Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Voltron: Legendary Defender, Ben 10, and Mysticons releases shown at Toy Fair 2018. Check out the official Ben 10 images and full product descriptions after the jump.

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Ben 10 2018 Product Descriptions


(Ages 4+ | SRP: $8.99 | Availability: Spring 2018)
• Based on Season 2 of the Cartoon Network animated series, the action figure assortment grows to include figures inspired by the new Omni-Enhanced™ theme.
• Ranging in height up to 5″ tall, each figure is highly detailed and articulated, and also comes equipped with themed accessories for added play!
Spring assortment includes: Omni-Enhanced™ Heatblast, Omni-Enhanced™ Four Arms, Omni-Enhanced™ Cannonbolt, Omni-Enhanced™ Diamondhead, Omni-Enhanced™ Overflow, Omni-Enhanced™ XLR8, as well as Ben’s main nemesis, Vilgax.
• All of the figures from Fall 2017 will also carry forward.


(Ages 4+ | SRP: $19.99 | Availability: Spring 2018)
• Kids can transform Ben’s aliens in a whole new way and launch them into battle!
• Use the Omnitrix launcher to load the figure disc and then launch it. The disc transforms into a figure in mid-air, ready for battle! Fold em’, load em’, launch em’, land em’!
• Perfect your skills and make them land on their feet and get into the fight. Which alien will you choose?
• Omni-Launch Omnitrix is fully adjustable to fit a range of wrist sizes.
• Each pack comes with 1 unique Omnitrix Launcher, 3 Battle Figures and a table top target.


(Ages 4+ | SRP: $12.99 | Availability: Fall 2018)
• It’s Hero Time! Transform from Ben to an Alien…and back to Ben!
• Simply activate the figure to transform Ben into one of his favorite aliens, ready to save the day!
Fall assortment includes: Deluxe Transforming Heatblast, Deluxe Transforming Shock Rock, Deluxe Transforming Diamondhead


(Ages 4+ | SRP: $19.99 | Availability: Spring 2018)
• The alien vehicles allow kids to explore and navigate the fierce planetary conditions found on each alien’s home planet!
• Each vehicle fires alien-themed projectiles!
• Each pack includes an Exclusive Figure!
Spring assortment includes: Heatblast Rocket Flyer, Diamondhead Power Tank


(Ages 4+ | SRP: $29.99 | Availability: Fall 2018)
• The power of alien creation is in kids’ hands! They can create their own custom 3” mini figures by mixing and matching alien body parts.
• Kids can select and combine the parts inside the Omnitrix-inspired chamber, and then launch their fully formed and articulated alien figure!
• The set comes with 4 figures to mix and match, including Heatblast, Four Arms, Wildvine and Grey Matter.
• Includes a storage compartment to keep additional figure parts when kids expand their collection with the Alien Creation Figure 2-Packs! (sold separately)


(Ages 4+ | SRP: $6.99 | Availability: Fall 2018)
• Kids can expand their Alien Creation collection with the Alien Creation Figure 2-Packs!
• Each pack comes with two articulated figures that are 3″ tall and work with the Alien Creation Chamber.
Fall assortment includes: Alien Creation Diamondhead & Overflow, Alien Creation Shock Rock & Stinkfly, Alien Creation Cannonbolt & XLR8


(Ages 4+ | SRP: $13.99 | Availability: Fall 2018)
• The Omnitrix has the power to transform Ben into 10 different Alien Heroes, each with their own special powers! With the Alien Projection Omnitrix, kids too can select any of Ben’s aliens and project them on the wall to display dramatic action poses!
• Project aliens up to 3 feet away!
• 30 total images to choose from!
• 3 Alien Discs included, each with a unique theme: Classic Aliens, Omni-Enhanced Aliens and Transforming Ben-to-Aliens


(Ages 4+ | SRP: $19.99 | Availability: Fall 2018)
• Kids can take their Omnitrix to the next level by using it as a long distance communicator! Work together as Team Tennyson to transform and beat the bad guys!
• Works over 50 feet!
• Kids can wear the Walkie Talkies on their wrist.
• 2 Omnitrix Walkie Talkies included