TakaraTomy Transformation Videos for Star Wars Powered by Transformers Vader and Falcon

TakaraTomy has released transformation videos for the Star Wars Powered by Transformers Darth Vader to TIE Advanced Fighter and Han Solo and Chewbacca to Millennium Falcon sets. While the videos are a bit low-resolution and Vader’s occasionally slips into a curious sort of slideshow, the videos do offer a new look at the figures in action.
TakaraTomy’s website offers the videos alongside product images first seen on Amazon.co.jp. We’ve mirrored the product images below, but check out TakaraTomy’s product page for the transformation videos, which illustrate some features not obvious in the images below, like (pilot) Chewy’s hidey-hole underneath the Falcon’s dorsal laser turret, or some clever tricks along the way in the Falcon’s transformation.

Obvious in both the videos and the product images are the comparatively extensive paint work on the Millennium Falcon and a somewhat chunky overall aesthetic for these figures that may or may not be your style, but the effort certainly seems more polished than the last time we’ve seen official Star Wars crossover Transformers on offer.
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