Still More Studio Series Photos, Including Group Comparison

Weibo user NOTRAB has shared a collection of images of the initial Studio Series offerings including six Deluxes, two Voyagers and the Leader Blackout (plus a bonus photobomb by Leader Grimlock) creating a real sense of how this collection is going to look together on the shelf and the display-friendly movieverse it’s targeted to build.
Information about the Studio Series lineup has leaked in bits and scraps over the last few months, but the New York Toy Fair presentation was the first to give us a clear picture of the general shape of the line, and these latest group photos from Weibo user NOTRAB seem to very concisely illustrate the line concept. We’ve mirrored the images, but check out the original posting for NOTRAB’s comments on the figures in hand (in Chinese).

Stretching the boundaries of size classes to create a sense of a continuous (robot-mode) scale and strictly following on-screen details, weapons, and paint schemes, Studio Series is positioned to be a more accessible counterpart to the Movie Masterpiece line, but also more complete, structured to build out entire set-piece scenes from the films in groups of figures and even modular dioramic backgrounds from the packaging.
Studio Series will also be the landing pad for the upcoming Bumblebee film’s collector-oriented figure offerings, in place of any full Bumblebee-branded line corresponding to, for instance, Age of Extinction’s “Generations” imprint.
In addition to the group photos above, NOTRAB has also included individual galleries for Blackout. Optimus Prime, and Starscream, which we’ve also included here. Leader class Blackout was one of the first figures in the line to surface in images and hasn’t become any less stunning in its intricacy and subtle, refined detailing.

Optimus Prime, built around a curiously novel transformation scheme for such a much-repeated likeness, is packaged to represent the much-praised forest battle sequence in Revenge of the Fallen, complete with his dual heat swords.

Starscream follows elements of the Dark of the Moon Deluxe at a new scale and level of execution, effectively capturing (as NOTRAB notes) the character’s signature posture and proportions.

What do you think of this latest collection-minded pass at these characters after a decade of films and their toylines? Will you be passing this round up, filling in the gaps in your existing movieverse collection, or tossing out the old rough cuts for the HD remasters? Come share your thoughts in our Studio Series discussion thread on the Allspark Forums, or join the conversation in realtime on our Discord server.
Thanks to the Allspark’s own highly realistic and accurately scaled Powered Convoy for sharing this news!