Power Rangers and Bandai Break Up! (A Future Opportunity For Hasbro?)

After announcing just a few days ago that Saban Brands has extended its Power Rangers partnership with Nickelodeon through 2021, Saban has surprisingly announced that it is ending its master toy license agreement with Bandai, effective on April 2019.
This is a major development, given that Bandai has produced toys for the American-produced Power Rangers series for nearly 25 years, as well as for the Japanese Super Sentai series that provides source material for Power Rangers’ action scenes.
Although there are no formal announcements regarding who will carry on the master toy license in place of Bandai, according to Tokunation.com, unidentified sources rumor that Hasbro may have obtained the license. Take this with a grain of salt until official statements are provided.
Will Hasbro eventually produce Marvel Legends-style Power Rangers figures and Transformers-style Megazords? We’ll be sure to ask them during our New York ToyFair coverage this weekend. In the meantime, please join us in discussing all things Power Rangers in our forums!