Power of the Primes Elita-1 Photo Gallery

You may not be one of the lucky few to find Power of the Primes Elita-1 in US retail stores just yet as Wave 2 rapidly rolls out, but thanks to Facebook user Atto Kempler, you can get a close look at this extensive retooling of PotP Starscream. Kempler has photographed everything but her combination form in fine detail. 
Elita-1 was a long (and somewhat extensively) leaked “stealth” release who nonetheless has yet to receive a stock photo or render release from Hasbro. Check out the gallery below, or visit Kempler’s Facebook gallery for even more pictures. You can discuss the news in our Power of the Primes discussion thread on the Allspark Forums.
Thanks to the eternal Powered Convoy, who doesn’t need a new tooling and paint scheme to stay exciting, for this news.