Optimus Prime #16 iTunes Preview

The three-page iTunes preview has landed for Optimus Prime #16, due later this month. See the preview pages after the jump!
Optimus Prime #16 comes from writer John Barber and artist Kei Zama, with a cover by Casey W. Coller (and a variant by Josh Burcham.) You can download the iTunes preview or see IDW’s listing for the book details, or just scroll down to browse the preview pages.
Come hype about where this is going in the preview thread, or spoil it live in #comics on our Discord server.
Thanks to user Soundwave902 for alerting us to this preview.

The Falling, Part 2: The arrival of Onyx Prime throws Cybertron into chaos—because he hasn’t come alone. Onyx’s treacherous companion forces Soundwave to finally make a choice: is Optimus Prime a friend… or foe?