New York Toy Fair 2018 News and Discussion

Hey everyone!
With the advent of technology we’re kind of all over the place with the live feeds and info dumps for all the cool stuff that’s happened. We’ll be compiling everything into a post (and possibly a youtube video), but in the mean time here are some quick links to get involved in the discussion and find out anything you may have missed.
Forums – This is the overall discussion topic and news drops. You can register for free if you’re not already a member by clicking here.
Twitter – Twitter feed for live reports coming from panels and on the floor. 
Discord – The newest in our arsenal of community interaction. You can join us whether you use Discord or not by clicking here.
And lastly, here is our YouTube channel we’re will be doing some live streams as well as some other updates down the line. Subscribe and make sure you click the bell icon to know when we start our live streams this weekend.
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Thanks for joining in all the excitement!