Masterpiece Dinobot, Anime Prowl, Optimus Primal, Predaking, and more at TakaraTomy Wonder Festival Booth

While Toy Fair is draws the media in the states it’s easy to forget Wonder Festival is going on in Japan. While the Transformers offerings from TakaraTomy and Hasbro are more closely aligned than most years there are still some standouts. While nearly all the same PotP reveals from Hasbro are present in Japan one big difference is the gray hardcopies on display for Optimus Primal and Predaking versus Hasbro’s color versions. While not as indicative of the final product, these gray models give us a great view of all the sculpted detail.
Dengeki Hobby and twitter user Masabon were both on the scene to capture some great pictures. Check out their respective pages for all their photos or check out the highlights below.
Gray Hardcopy PotP Optimus Primal
Photo by Dengeki Hobby

Photo by Masabon

Gray Hardcopy PotP Predaking
Photo by Dengeki Hobby

Photos by Masabon

MP Dinobot, Shadow Panther, and Anime Color Prowl – Photos by Masabon

Gallery featuring PotP, Movie Advanced, and Studio Series from Dengeki Hobby

Gallery of PotP and Studio Series by Masabon

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