Legends Decepticon Clones, Windblade, and G2 Megatron Galleries from tagoal and Alfes2010

Via Twitter, tagoal and Alfes2010 have shared images of the recently released G2 Megatron, while tagoal also shares images of the Legends editions of Windblade and the Decepticon clones Wingspan and Pounce.

First up are Windblade and Wingspan and Pounce from tagoal. You can see their original posts here and here.

Next is a thorough gallery of G2 Megatron from Alfes2010 displaying all three modes, his Beast-Machines-inspired partner, and comparisons with Blitzwing.

Finally, tagoal lends another look at G2 Megatron, though unfortunately seems to share Alfes2010’s sticker preferences.

Does Megatron, indeed, rule? You can come express your Megatron- and other TakaraTomy-Legends-related feelings in our Legends toy thread on the Allspark Forums or shout them out in realtime in our Discord server.
Thanks to Allspark institution and Twitter enthusiast Powered Convoy for pointing these galleries out to us.