IDW Announces “Bumblebee – Win If You Dare” Graphic Novel for Fall

After popping up unannounced on Amazon yesterday, Transformers: Bumblebee – Win If You Dare has been, well, announced! The standalone graphic novel seems to promise to be a stylish and unique piece very different from the IDW main line comics, designed to be accessible to new and younger fans. Read on for the full press release. listed the item recently, including the cover art image and a synopsis (both reproduced in the press release below.) The new press release expands a bit on the rationale behind the book and its intended appeal; though it’s clearly tapping into some brand synergy with the upcoming film, the book seems to be an independent, original story that just happens to also focus on a Volkswagen Beetle Bumblebee in the 1980s. With a writing team new to IDW Transformers, it also seems independent of the main IDW Transformers continuity, intended as a self-contained story easy for younger fans to break into.
Thanks to Allspark user ZacWilliam1 for sharing the Amazon listing with us. You can join the discussion in the book’s own thread on the Allspark Forums or come talk us up in realtime on our Discord server. See the full press release below.

An All-New, All-’80s Bumblebee Adventure From IDW Publishing
San Diego, CA (February 22, 2018) – IDW Publishing is thrilled to announce that in 2018 Bumblebee from the TRANSFORMERS franchise will star in his very own original graphic novel! The perfect jumping on point for the next generation of TRANSFORMERS fans, Transformers: Bumblebee – Win If You Dare gives readers the opportunity to join in the fan-favorite character’s adventures. Life can feel rough when you aren’t the fastest or the tallest Autobot, but Bumblebee is up to the task!

When his best friend is hurt, Bumblebee takes it upon himself to finish the mission—and prove his worth to his fellow Autobots along the way. Things get tense as Bumblebee and a new human friend infiltrate a series of incredible races, hunting down dangerous foes and a devastating secret. It’s an exciting new, action-packed ’80s adventure! X-Men ’92 co-writers Chad Bowers and Chris Sims along with artist Marcelo Ferreira (Back to the FutureTransformers: Windblade) have crafted a nostalgia-tinged, yet equally fresh standalone story.
“The exciting thing about this book is that it really hits all the highs of TRANSFORMERS for fans new and old,” said IDW Associate Editor, David Mariotte. “It has action, adventure, racing and robots, but it also has a lot of heart and humor that comes through in this simultaneously retro and very modern package.”
“This story is just a ton of fun,” said Michael Kelly, head of publishing at Hasbro. “Bumblebee is the ultimate underdog, and everyone loves an underdog. IDW has done a fantastic job bringing this iconic character to life for a new generation of fans.”
This new OGN will be available in comic shops and book stores September 11, 2018 for $9.99. It is available for pre-order now using ISBN: 978-1-68405-227-1.
Since its launch in 1984, TRANSFORMERS has grown to be one of the world’s most recognizable and successful toy and entertainment brands. Driven by compelling characters and a rich storyline, TRANSFORMERS revolutionized children’s entertainment as one of the first properties to produce a successful toy line, comic book, TV series and animated film.  Throughout the franchise’s more than 30 years of history, thousands of unique TRANSFORMERS robots have been introduced through toy lines, multiple animated TV series have debuted, and animated and live-action films have thrilled audiences.