Hasbro Financials Update

Hasbro have published both their full year and fourth quarter financial results for 2017. If you dig checking out those numbers, read on! If you don’t, well, maybe now’s a good time to start, I’m sure it will be fascinating!
They kick off with an increase in quarterly dividends, which is good news for shareholders. Beyond that there are some ups and some downs (full year net profit was up over 2016, but the fourth quarter dipped a little; tax reform charges battled with foreign exchange favours) but on the whole Hasbro is looking to be in solid shape. Profits from licensing almost doubled over 2016, so here’s hoping we see more branded fruit snacks keeping our robots afloat.
Not that they need it – along with My Little Pony, Monopoly and Nerf, Transformers are still performing well, which hasn’t been true for every Hasbro line. A drop in sales for Star Wars, Frozen and Yo-Kai Watch cancelled out good results for Sesame Street, Beyblade and Marvel.
Honestly, the whole thing is a hoot, check it out. Then buy some shares in our forum and join the discussion!