Alternate Kup Head Sculpt for T30 Orion Pax Revealed

Pete’s Robot Convention has revealed via their Facebook page several pre-production samples of various BotCon figures. While most are early variations on toys that ultimately saw a BotCon release, and unused alternate tooling of T30 Orion Pax has been revealed—none other than everyone’s favorite cantankerous old-timer, Kup!

Based very much on IDW’s Kup design featured in All Hail Megatron, this reveal confirms what many fans at the time speculated, that this body would be a natural fit for Kup.

Check out what Pete had to say, as well as mirrored pics below!

Going through the preproduction samples that will be on display at RoboCon in June, we found more of the sample unassembled kits for the BotCon 2015 custom Class Galva Convoy. These kits were rejected because they did not include the Lio Convoy/Nova Prime head sculpt but rather had four heads for the retail versions of the toy – two Orion Pax and two Kup!



We decided to have Shawnn Tessmann paint up one of the kits and try to mimic the best Kup deco that he could get with the mold layout. It ended up looking pretty nice!

This and many other pre-production samples will be available at Pete’s Robot Convention for viewing and for sale June 9-10th.

Thanks goes to former FunPub employee, Nightviper for bringing the story to our attention.

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