Allspark Art Showcase of the Week for February 17th 2018

Good morning Allspark! This week’s Allspark Art Showcase features a Combiner Wars Prime Vehicon by the prolific Jin Saotome. It’s hard to deny the synergy between Combiner Wars and the greatest troop builder mook in Transformers history.

Jin Saotome’s Vehicon is a buttery-smooth execution of a thrifty and useful concept, and there’s nothing quite like a clever custom concept you can try yourself. With some choice deco alterations and a head borrowed from Age of Extinction Scorn, Saotome transformed Combiner Wars Offroad into the troop-building-friendly uniformed Vehicon trooper from Transformers: Prime.

The only thing this custom seems to be missing is a dozen or so more copies.
To see a custom Deluxe Transtector body for Titans Return Titan Master Brawn, and links to more pictures and information for both customs, check out Saotome’s thread in the Iacon art gallery.
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