All-New In-Game ‘Sharkticon Week’ Live in Transformers Forged to Fight!

Kabam has revealed an all-new in-game event for the award-winning mobile fighting game, Transformers: Forged to Fight, running from February 1st through February 8th –Sharkticon Week! Continue reading for more details on the Sharkticons in-game abilities.

Kabam’s press release explains the abilities and stats. You can check out the Sharkticons’ complete game stats breakdown, as well as gameplay tips, here on the Forged to Fight website. Join the Forged to Fight conversation here in our forums! Not a member? Join our community by creating your own free account here! Or jump right into the live chat on our Discord server!

Players can now collect all six Sharkticon classes in the Sharkticon Arenas, special daily log-in calendar and the Alliance event from Feb. 1-8. These classes include Brawlers, Warriors, Scouts, Techs, Demolition and Tactician Sharkticons.

The largest and strongest of the six Sharkticon Classes, but not very bright.
Stats and Abilities:

  • Base PI: 2145
  • Max Rating: 2547
  • Full Synergy: 3160

Signature Ability – Shark Enhancement
When Hit

  • 12~20% chance to trigger a 16~40% Armor buff.

Special Attacks:
Special 1 – Shark Therapy
A physical outburst at the opponent’s expense.

  • 100% chance to trigger a -16~-40% Critical Chance debuf.

Special 2 – Unstoppable Frenzy
An unstoppable combo from this Brawler Sharkticon.

  • 100% chance to become Unstoppable for 3~5 seconds.

Special 3 – Shark Attack
These Sharks are just as deadly on land.

Outgoing – Brawler Frenzy – All Sharkticons

  • +3~15% Armor

Outgoing – Brawler Frenzy – All Sharkticons

  • If your entire team consists of Sharkticons, all Sharkticons heal 1~3% health for each Alive bot on your team when using Special Attack 3.

In TRANSFORMERS: Forged to FightTransformers fans and gamers everywhere can build a team of Transformers characters and battle with the most iconic Autobots and Decepticons from nearly every era of the storied franchise’s 30-plus year history, including fan-favorite bots from previous and current animated Transformers TV series, Paramount’s blockbuster films, Transformers comic books and Hasbro’s line of iconic action figures. Players explore an epic new universe where multiple realities collide to form a massive planetary battlefield while assembling a team of Autobots and Decepticons from across time and space to fight against a world of corrupted Transformers robots and their villainous overlords. The game features amazing visuals, intense one-on-one battles, meaningful robot to vehicle converting action and deep RPG elements.
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