Unobscured Studio Series Megatron Box Back Images Leaked

Weibo user 爆料人小明 has released an unobscured box back image of Studio Series Return of the Fallen Voyager class Megatron. The image has been released previously in obscured form, and we’re still hoping for a counterpart image of the ’07 movie Brawl sharing Megatron’s assortment, but this new-mold Megatron looks to be an impressive and film-accurate piece for a regular-retail figure. 
While a box back image doesn’t tell us much about scale or play – or final paint applications – it’s already clear that the new figure is far more accurate than Revenge of the Fallen’s Voyager and Leader offerings and cleaner in its transformation. You can check out the original Weibo post here.

The Studio Series lineup includes a variety of figures across the film franchise, including a Leader class Blackout, the first new-mold Stinger, and staples like (Revenge of the Fallen) Optimus Prime and (’07) Starscream. It’s not known yet what relationship (if any) the Studio Series lineup will have to the Bumblebee film toy marketing.
Thanks to Allspark’s own deliciously 100% film-accurate Powered Convoy for this news tip. You can catch up on the Studio Series reveals and leaks so far in our Studio Series thread and share your thoughts on the Megatron reveal.
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