The Spark in Review: January 26, 2018

It’s been a big week for media news with a lot going on at IDW Comics, two Hasbro movies down, one up, and a new Pacific Rim trailer. Meanwhile Power of the Primes is … priming, and Toys R Us, the flagship toy store, is scaling back in the big-box retail world.

Toy News & Reveals:
Power of the Primes continues its rollout with Rodimus Unicronus in the US, Wave 1 hitting Australia, and the US PotP refactoring of TakaraTomy Combiner Wars Blast Off showing up in listing form on Amazon. We’ve also seen in-package images for the Legends Autobot Clones, Blitzwing, and Overlord; since TakaraTomy is releasing Power of the Primes in 1:1 parity with the US lineup, Legends will likely be the last of major TakaraTomy-exclusive plastic content coming our way for a while.
Masterpiece Movie Ironhide’s packaging has been revealed in a further tantalizing tease, though most of the information came in the earlier press release. A new Rescue Bots Optimus Primal and his dinosaur Minicons have also been revealed including the second-most adorable mechanical velociraptor in Transformers this year.
We’ve had another series of packaging art lineart reveals, with Armada MegatronSky Lynx / Sky Reign, and Computron from Marcelo Matere and ScattershotCyclonus, and Battle Core Optimus Prime from Ken Christiansen.
Outside the strictly Transformers-related, Toys R Us has decided to close 182 stores. Action Toys’ licensed Machine Robo Bike Robo has also appeared at Robo Toy Base and is available on preorder from BigBadToyStore.

Comics, Cartoons, and Media:
IDW Comics have released their April 2018 solicitations and January 31st shipping list. Previews this week include full previews of Transformers vs. Visionaries #2 and Lost Light #13, and three-page previews for Lost Light #14 and Jem: Dimensions #3. IDW’s Gears of War launch has become another distributor sellout.
Behind the scenes, Women Write About Comics interviewed IDW writer Magdalene Visaggio, and Alex Milne released design models for Red Alert and Cerebros.
In Hasbro movie news, M.A.S.K. and Ron: Spaceknight movies seem to have been shelved, while a new Clue movie seems in the works with Ryan Reynolds. Meanwhile, Transformers: The Last Knight received a well-deserved slew of nominations in the 38th annual Razzies, in the running for nearly every category.
Outside the Hasbro sphere but in the realm of movies about big, punchy robots, Pacific Rim Uprising has released a second full trailer.
Finally, an odd bit of sculptural art combines everyone’s two favorite sapient Volkswagen matchmakers.

Regular Items:
Last week’s Allspark Art Showcase of the Week featured our CORVUS’s Kroc, a truly beautiful reimagining of Titans Return Triggerhappy. You can also check out last week’s news in the last edition of The Spark in Review.
My choice for the Allspark quote of the week comes from Nutjpb R/T, concluding a lengthy explanation of the real-world alt-mode identity of Generation 1 Huffer and how the pre-deregulation OTR tractor was designed to maximize cargo space:

And that’s how Jimmy Hoffa made a mess of Transformers.

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