The Spark in Review: January 19, 2018

The Spark in Review is back after a brief absence with a minutely different format – exciting! This week, we’ve seen news trickle out this week on the specifics of TakaraTomy’s plans for Power of the Primes, the reveal of the upcoming Masterpiece Shadow Panther, and some interesting design reveals from IDW comics artists.
Toy News and Reveals:
The big news this week is the reveal of MP-34S Shadow Panther, a redeco and retool of MP-34 Cheetor including a toy-based “mutant face”.
We also have confirmation of the release schedule for TakaraTomy’s rollout of Power of the Primes, including stock images, and our own galleries and reviews of Optimus Prime and Rodimus Prime and a comparison gallery for Legends tail-ender Slugslinger, as well as video reviews of the upcoming Tailgate and Battletrap, so far spotted only in Singapore. A running change was also discovered in Power of the Primes Starscream’s wing assembly. Leaked artwork and a leaked listing confirm the upcoming Power of the Primes Blast Off and indicate a Deluxe Repugnus on the way, sharing a “special edition” assortment.
More retrospectively, a series of Combiner Wars packaging lineart pieces were released of the AerialbotsProtectobotsCombaticons, and Galvatronus.
Pete’s Robot Convention revealed another shelved concept for a past BotCon theme, and some new information has been released about the upcoming value-chain Transformers Authentics line.

Comics, Games, and Media:
IDW has released their shipping list for January 24 and several previews of upcoming issues (see the list below this text for individual issues.) The company received 17 nominations in the 2017 Diamond Gem Awards. There have also been three interesting concept art reveals, with Alex Milne finally unveiling Megatron’s as yet unseen alternate mode and sharing concept art of a Wraith-empowered Stardrive, and Kei Zama sharing a design sketch of the Camien Magrada.
Outside comics news, Paramount has released the Transformers: The Last Knight theatrical score for free download. And outside Transformers, tabletop gamers with an affinity for robots might also be interested in a bundle deal offered for Palladium’s Rifts.

Regular Features:
The Allspark Art Showcase of the Week features Allspark member Walky’s Fangry, a repaint of Titans Return Grotusque paired with the Titans Return Titan Master. Check out the Allspark’s Action and Adventure Podcast Ep. 18 – Outside Interference for an in-depth look at Transformers vs. Visionaries #1 and the usual update on the IDW Hasbro universe.
My choice for the forum quote of the week could only be this exchange between members PlutoniumBoss and LV!:

I’m not sure anyone would appreciate you digging up Shakespeare’s corpse to strangle it and leave it in a gutter.

I think you grossly underestimate the Baconians.

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