TFSource Updates with TakaraTomy Power of the Primes Images

Site sponsor TFSource has updated with high-resolution images of the TakaraTomy releases of Power of the Primes Starscream, Dreadwind and Blackwing, Moonracer, and the Dinobots. The images indicate that the TakaraTomy releases appear to follow the first wave in 1:1 parity with the Hasbro releases, down to the uncoated screws.
After much confirmation that the first wave’s stock images were indeed representative, some fans held out for confirmation that the rest of TakaraTomy’s Power of the Primes lineup would all be released under this strategy; perhaps the major combiners would instead be presented as Unite Warriors box sets with premium decos. However, listings were recently released showing no box sets, conspicuous omissions, or branding variation, dashing hopes of these alternate presentations for as-yet-unseen figures. Now, thanks to TFSource, we have stock image confirmation. All of these figures are available for preorder at TFSource.
First off are Blackwing and Dreadwind (with preorders expected for July), of whom Dreadwind has already been released under Hasbro packaging:


Moonracer, also slated for July, has her Hasbro release (like Blackwing’s) as part of Hasbro’s imminent Wave 2:

Starscream is similarly listed for July, another figure included in Hasbro’s first wave:

Finally, the Dinobots, all listed for June: Grimlock, Sludge, Swoop, Slug, and Snarl, the last of whom we’re still waiting for images on. Sludge and Snarl have yet to be released in the US and elsewhere, also slated for Wave 2 under Hasbro distribution.

Were you hoping for a little more variety and options in your Power of the Primes experience? Happy to see the lines getting along so charitably? Buying up black-oxide-coated electronics replacement screws? Share your feelings in our Power of the Primes thread.