TakaraTomy’s Power of the Primes June and July Release Listings

Via their respective Facebooks, both Planet Iacon and Loopaza Mega Store have posted the listings for TakaraTomy’s Power of the Primes scheduled for release for June and July 2018. Planet Iacon has been reliable in the past, and let’s not forget that they previously broke the news, and gave us a glimpse, of TakaraTomy’s plans for Power of the Primes. See the listings after the jump!

Continuing Hasbro and TakaraTomy’s world brand unification. We have the listings for TakaraTomy’s next wave of unchanged Power of the Primes figures coming to the Japanese market.

Power of the Primes wave 2 – June
• PP-10 Alchemist Prime
• PP-11 Dinobot Slug
• PP-12 Dinobot Swoop
• PP-13 Dinobot Snarl
• PP-14 Dinobot Sludge
• PP-15 Dinobot Grimlock
Power of the Primes wave 3 – July
• PP-16 Moon Racer
• PP-17 Dreadwind
• PP-18 Blackwing
• PP-19 Starscream

Thanks to Allparker members Gearshift and Powered Convoy for the news tip. And don’t forget to let us know what do you think of the news here in our TakaraTomy Power of the Primes discussion thread!