TakaraTomy Legends Episode 48: Late XMas Gifts Edition Online!

TakaraTomy has posted Episode 48 of the Transformers Legends manga, Late XMas Gifts Edition. It’s a lost cat drama as Blurr races against the Sweeps to return White Lune to safety!

See the original posting at TakaraTomy’s website or browse the pages here, and scroll down (or click through to TFWiki) for a summary by TFWiki’s Apoc. Then come talk about the new developments in our Legends Manga Thread.

English summary via TFWiki’s Apoc:

Foreseeing the return of Overlord in the Legends World, Ginrai goes back to his own world and visits the Second Army headquarters in G Nebula 89, where he has Perceptor upgrade Godbomber’s armor. As he’s leaving, Perceptor entrusts him with the Haywire Laser, modified at the request of White Leo: transporting it to Beast from the nebula puts it at risk of being stolen by the Decepticons, so he asks Ginrai to send it via a Legends portal instead. Ginrai returns to his job at Blurr’s transport company, where things are incredibly busy at the end of the year, but when he opens his trailer to show his boss the Haywire Laser, they instead find White Lune sleeping there. A confused Blurr calls up Perceptor who explains that the gun is White Lune, now equipped with Master-Braces for transforming at will, but during the explanation she wanders off, scratching Ginrai’s face when he tries to stop her. Seeing as he’s still supposed to be delivering her, Blurr panics and puts up “lost cat” posters before visiting the police for help. There he encounters Hot Rod, who immediately recognizes his unique speech pattern, but instead of the berating he’s expecting for abandoning his friend ten years earlier, Blurr is greeted with a happy reunion… one that unfortunately distracts the police from Scourge’s Sweeps stealing Blowpipe!
Having overheard Blurr talking about the power of the Haywire Laser, the Sweeps plan to take it for themselves by using Blowpipe on Sweep No. 7, creating a clone army that begins searching the city for White Lune. In the meantime she’s discovered by Sue and brought to Kup’s place, but before they can discuss whether or not to keep her as a pet, the Sweeps show up and Kup tells Sue to take the lion girl to safety while he holds them at bay. As they run, White Lune laments that this is all happening because she ran away on a selfish whim, having always wanted to explore a world other than Beast. Sue responds that she’s also a runaway staying in this world and convinces her everything will be fine if they just return to Blurr together. Since they can’t pin down the fleeing White Lune, the Sweeps think of a plan to incapacitate her by unleashing silver vine smoke that has an intoxicating effect on cat-type beasts all over the city (one of which is Tigatron, whose new buddy Octane just notes that he’d much rather see a cute robot girl get drunk). Scourge and the Sweeps locate White Lune, but as they try to capture her, Blurr comes to the rescue and she transforms into the Haywire Laser for him to wield. Sue wants to help and calls for Kup, who runs into Hot Rod and much like Blurr expects him to be mad, but again Hot Rod is only happy to see him again. Joined by Blurr’s part-timers Shūta and Wheelie, Hot Rod, Blurr, Kup and their Targetmasters make short work of the Sweep clone army.
In the aftermath, White Lune gets a job at Blurr’s transport company and the Sweeps are made by Megatron to hand out gifts to children. One of them is Lio Junior who goes home to show his dad the Transformers toy he got, but the nearby Leo Prime is distracted by feeling that the Zamojin are coming back…