Takara Legends LG58 Autobot Clones, LG59 Blitzwing, LG60 Overlord In-Package Images

Via 1999.co.jp we have clear in-package images of the newest releases in TakaraTomy’s Transformers Legends toyline: LG58 Autobot Clones (Fastlane and Cloudraker), LG59 Blitzwing (with Bigfight), and LG60 Overlord (with Giga and Mega). Par for the course with Legends, these figures are produced with a high level of cartoon-accurate coloring; Overlord even includes retooling and two new Headmasters as compared to the Hasbro version. These figures are listed for release Saturday 27 January 2018, and are thus starting to show up in Asian buyers’ hands now.

Thanks to the one, the only, Allsparker extraordinaire, Powered Convoy, for alerting us to this news.
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