Power of the Primes Starscream Gallery and Review!

A (self-proclaimed) sophisticated and handsome guest joins us in the Allspark Studios today. Starscream, fastest flier of the Seekers has landed! Is the Power of the Primes version worthy of reigning over your Decepticon hordes?  Tune in after the break to find out!

Starscream is the character you love to hate.  Whiney, backstabbing, entitled, and yet somehow frequently successful (although normally briefly) in obtaining that which he does not deserve: Leadership over the Decepticons or all of Cybertron. The original Starscream figure was not as cool as his cartoon counterpart, but he had his charms.  Since then, we have received a series of updates, some of which captured the spirit of the character better than others.  After initially seeing the Power of the Primes Starscream in pictures, I was immediately disinterested.  Then he grew on he a little.  Then I lost interest again, mostly because while I liked the look of the torso and head sculpt, the “Popeye arms”, thick lower legs and the stickers (shakes fist at Hasbro) really turned me off to the design.  Fortunately my BBTS preorder hit before I could find Grimlock in stores, so I ended up keeping Starscream here.

Jet Mode
Jet mode is basically Starscream’s robot mode, scrunched down, with a jet on his back.  That has been the case for more Transformers than I can count. I should be used to it by now, but it’s not something I like to forgive in A-List characters, so it is disappointing here on Starscream.  Other than the horrible stickers, he actually doesn’t look bad from the top of the jet, as long as the angle does not reveal much of the undercarriage.  Overall, I don’t hate the jet mode, but I don’t like it much either.  It’s…OK, I guess.

Transformation to Robot Mode
Like Grimlock, this one is simple:

  • pop the wings up
  • disengage the nose cone away from the body of the jet
  • rotate the nosecone panels forward towards the front
  • plug the nosecone into the body behind the wings
  • disconnect the arms from the legs
  • pull the legs down fully
  • rotate the panels on the inner legs upward and plug them into the sockets on the inside of the knees
  • rotate the side fins backwards
  • rotate the wing section 180º
  • rotate the head around

Robot Mode
I was originally equally disappointed with the robot mode pics I saw of Starscream, and had decided not to buy him, but BBTS and my ability to cancel a pre-order said otherwise.  I ended up being alright with it though, as the bot mode quickly grew on me.  The proportions are a little wonky, yes.  He will never live the Popeye comparison down, just like Energon Prime will always be “Fattimus” to some people, but that does not mean he (or E-Prime) is a bad figure.  It would be one thing if the articulation was sacrificed for the gimmick, but it’s not.  And the big legs and arms are reminiscent of armored boots and gauntlets, so it’s easy for me to get past the proportions.  Once that happens, Starscream’s personality begins to show through.  I think most fans will see this by the time you get to posing him on the shelf…but you will have to buy him first.  I don’t think most kids will care, as he is a fun toy in this mode.

Transformation to Combiner Torso
Let’s make the best combiner torso ever:

  • rotate the arms above his head with the bottoms of the forearms faceing front (hands up!)
  • rotate the wings 180º
  • rotate the lower legs outward at the knee 45º so that the feet/combiner joints are facing out
  • disconnect the knee panels and rotate them towards the feet again
  • collapse the legs inwards towards the torso
  • connect the leg pieces with the tab/slot in the center
  • pop the chest open and pull the combiner head out
  • rotate the connector up and flip out the blue panel
  • connect the blue panel to the nosecone
  • rotate Starscream’s head around and flip it into the torso (it takes some fiddling, don’t force it)
  • rotate the combiner head
  • rotate the nosecone panels into place and connect them to the tabs on the legs
  • rotate the wings into the nosecone and connect them into the wing tabs
  • bend the wings at the halfway point to make them flat to the front of the torso
  • pop the panels on the front of the combiner legs out
  • rotate the combiner connectors to face front

Combiner Mode
I think this may be my favorite combiner torso!  It is more stable than any of the other torsos to date.  The combiner proportions look great, with well-balanced shoulders and hips, allowing for some great balance.  Strong ratchet joints added to this combination make for the best un-aided combiner poses by far.  I feel like we need more limbs made from older versions of Starscream (G1, Armada, Energon) so that we can combine them with the Ghost Starscream combiner limb and get a true fully Starscream combiner.  Sounds like something Takara would have done a year ago, and I want it.  No, NEED it.

Brute Mode
Brute mode for Starscream is made the same way it is made for Grimlock.  Connect the combiner feet and hands together.  He doesn’t have connectors on the side of his arms that are compatible, but if you place the handles under the feet parts into the Starscream’s hand from the bottom, it gives you the same effect.

Overall Thoughts
I really did not think I wanted this Starscream at all.  The stickers, weird proportions, and lack of tampo details really bring down the look of the figure.  I’m glad I ended up owning him, however your mileage may vary with this one.  Brute mode and combiner mode are excellent. Jet mode can be completely forgotten. I really don’t think that most kids will care about the wonky proportions, so he will make a good buy for them, or a great repurposed gift if you decide to try him out and get buyer’s remorse.  I would give this figure B rating.  A solid 7/10 energon cubes.