Power of the Primes Optimus Prime Gallery and Review!

Largest, strongest and wisest of the Autobots (tech specs don’t lie), Optimus Prime has fought unceasingly to get into the Allspark Studios with a new iteration of himself each series.  He’s joining us again today for Power of the Primes!  How good is this new version?  Join us after the jump to find out!

There are enough Optimuses…er, Optimii…,umm Optimus Prime figures to fill entire shelves of people’s collections.  I’ve had plenty of time to discuss the character, and I will so again in the future.  Since I am sure you just want the meat of the experience (and because this is my last full day off before going back to work on my MBA), I am going to keep this review short. I will start by saying I wanted to love this figure but only ended up really liking him.  That may sound like mere semantics, but he is far from perfect…and I wanted near perfect.

Truck Mode
Optimus Prime’s truck mode is nice from the front.  It looks a lot like the classic red and silver cab we have come to expect.  The trailer is also decent, being the cleanest, most like the G1 trailer we have had outside the Masterpiece line.  Unfortunately, the red faux cab top that is used to build the top of the Optimus Prime chest really breaks the illusion as it forms the front of the trailer.  The same can be said for the Orion Pax arms and head that are clearly visible in this mode from a few angles.  It’s not the worst thing ever, but those elements are distracting and detract from the overall look of the figure.  I also found the trailer a bit difficult to transform.  This was not due to difficulty in the process of the steps of transformation themselves, but that some parts are overly hard to move, and some pieces are very difficult to snap together.  Maybe I just got a bum figure, but I imagine I am not the only one to have trouble.

Orion Pax Mode
The Orion Pax mode is the reason to buy this toy.  While we won’t get a truly spot on Pax, due to his truck mode being the Earth form, the robot mode is perfect in almost every way.  The G1 cartoon is alive and on your shelf with this figure, which nails almost every detail of the character model.  On top of that, the articulation is pretty much perfect.  I love the Orion Pax mode so much that I am debating getting a second figure to leave in the Prime section of my collection in that mode forever.  Great job on this part of the figure, Hasbro!

Optimus Prime Mode
This is quite possibly the best G1 Optimus Prime ever, just under the Masterpiece Prime.  The figure is large, heroically proportioned, and has every element that fans have come to look for in the classic Optimus Prime.  He is a near perfect amalgamation of the toy and the cartoon, and he’s so much fun that I really had to force myself to transform him to truck mode once I got him out of the box.

Sadly, there are a few things that really disappoint me about POTP Optimus:

  • The shoulders do not lock into the body. There are tabs that are meant to hold the shoulders in via friction, but they do not do the job well at all.  The right shoulder on my figure pops out immediately after I take pressure off it, and they would annoy me worse if the joints themselves were not tight enough to mildly hold the shoulder in place.
  • The head cannot look up, only rotate laterally.
  • Bum hip gears. How hard is it to get QC on hip gears? (remembers Combiner Wars Menasor)
  • The fists are grey.
  • Stickers (shakes fist in the air)

I can’t really forgive any of these, especially the shoulders.  This figure has some parts that lock so tight you are almost afraid to move them because they might break, but shoulders get pressure from movement when posing a figure (or playing, as the young ones do) and therefore they should ALWAYS lock in securely.  I am so unhappy about these issues that I would say they come close to ruining the figure for me, but he looks so good and everything else about him is pretty great.  As I like to say, your mileage may vary.

Overall Thoughts
Power of the Primes Optimus Prime is a figure that is all about mixtures.  He is a mixture of G1 toy and cartoon.  He is a mixture of the young Orion Pax and the Prime that he was meant to be.  He is also a mixture of awesomeness and disappointment.  Clearly the issues I have with his design did not completely ruin the experience for me.  However, I wanted to LOVE this figure.  I wanted to love everything about him, and sadly, that is where he fell short.  I anticipated giving him a 9/10 based on pictures I had seen prior to owning him.  I am going to leave him with a 7/10…an Energon Cube that is only ¾ of the way full.  I still think older fans will mostly like him like I did, and I think that any child older enough to understand the transformation will too.