Power Of The Primes Hits Australian Retail

At their recent Power of the Primes launch event, Hasbro Australia told us to expect the new line in the third week of January. And while we have no sightings yet reported in the major chains – the likes of TRU, Target, Kmart, Big W – the date turned out to be solid.The first wave has been found in several Toyworld stores. The Legend and Voyager classes are priced at $19.99 and $49.99 respectively, which are the standard prices we’ve been seeing for some years. However, the Deluxes seem to be following the lead of the last movie line and have jumped up to $34.99 and Leaders are now priced at $89.99. The bigger stores are likely to offer some more competitive deals, but it looks like we can expect these numbers to be Hasbro’s default for a while.
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