PotP Voyager Starscream Running Change Variant Found

A running change variant has been discovered on Power of the Primes Voyager Starscream, featuring remolding to the rotational joint that holds the wing/cockpit assembly to the torso.
The initial run features a a solid red post as seen in the below picture.

The new running change shown below features vertical cuts on each side of the post. Presumably this is to reduce tension on the joint when flexing to peg and unpeg the wing assembly to rotate it for transformation.

While the exact time of the switch is not currently known, the Starscream featured in the photo above had a timestamp of 73121, and another has been reported with a timestamp of 73101.
Thanks goes to Jason Rye on Twitter for first breaking the story.
Have you had any issues with the wing assembly on your initial release Starscream? Do you intend to wait to find the running change before purchasing? Discuss the latest news in our Power of the Primes thread and be sure to create an account first if you’re new to join the conversation.