MPM-6 Masterpiece Movie Ironhide Packaging Leaked

Weibo’s 微信号tf-factory has posted front and back images from MPM-6 Masterpiece Movie Ironhide’s box. The official stock images released following Ironhide’s initial reveal at the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair appear to be used in the packaging as well. In keeping with prior MPM releases, this English-language packaging includes TakaraTomy as well as Hasbro (and GMC) branding.
Call-out features include his articulated hands, mouth, and (rather oddly) neck, as well as die-cast parts (which have luckily been said to be concentrated in his feet and lower body, a potential benefit for posing.)

Check out the original posting on Weibo and the official release images and description previously released for Masterpiece Ironhide, then come join the discussion in our Masterpiece Ironhide thread or talk us up on our Discord server.