Megatron Rules! LG-63 G2 Megatron Photos with Label Options

Just a quick update on TakaraTomy Legends LG-63 Megatron: Photos have surfaced of the sticker sheet, as well as Megatron wearing each of the chest labels. First revealed a release of his instructions, Megatron’s G2 “Megatron Rules” label as well as a more sedate G2 Decepticon insignia certainly complete the package of gaudy G2 love.
LG-63 Megatron is based on the small, highly articulated, and air-pressure-missile-empowered toy released (perhaps somewhat oxymoronically) as “Hero Megatron” in the US Generation 2 line. In Japan, this is G2 Megatron; the larger MEGATRON ATTACK  er, electronic green and purple tank Megatron was not released as Megatron in Japan during Generation 2, and each line provided its own independent comic fiction.
Which leads to the lovely conclusion of a purple, triple-changing Megatron wearing a T-shirt to tell you how much he rules.

Per Legends continuity, the figure also represents a form of Beast Wars Megatron (leading to the inclusion of a tiny Savage/Noble friend to carry his head) and comes with a pair of Beast Wars Predacon insignias as a third decoration option.
The TakaraTomy versions of most figures are a chance to escape stickers, but for some, this might be a case to buy one for them. Are you one of those people? Sound off in our discussion in our TakaraTomy Legends thread.
Thanks to the Allspark’s superior deco based on a somewhat obscure variation, Powered Convoy, for this news. Wait, that one actually works. Damn.