LG-55 Slugslinger Comparison Gallery!

Decepticon braggart and self-professed duelist extraordinaire, Slugslinger, has snuck back into the Allspark Studios this week!  Check out this comparison gallery to see the differences between the Hasbro and Takara releases!

I loved the sometimes huge differences between the domestic and Japanese versions of Transformers over the past few years.  Sometimes the deco choices were so distinct that they could be considered different characters (in my personal cannon).

In the case of Slugslinger, Hasbro went with the G1 figure look, while Takara went with the cartoon look, as they tended to do.  What results is a clean, strikingly bright blue version of this mold.  Added bonus is the Targetmaster Caliburst, who I hope will eventually see a domestic release, along with his brethren.

If you have neither figure and want to read our previous review of the Titans Return Slugslinger figure, check out this link here.  Otherwise, enjoy the pictures!