Imaginarium Art Teaser for Quintesson Statue

Imaginarium Art, makers of high-end, highly-detailed resin statues and busts with an affinity for the mechanical, have teased an upcoming foray into the Quintessons. Imaginarium have previously released a statue based on Generation 1 Soundwave, with an Optimus Prime on the way and Starscream, Rodimus Prime, and Ultra Magnus waiting in the wings.

Imaginarium shared this teaser to their Facebook page:

We don’t know much from this teaser about how Imaginarium might choose to cast the classic movie villains and creators of the Transformers, but we can expect them to follow form with detailed paint work and mechanical sculpting, interchangeable parts and extras, and LED lighting.
You can see the Facebook post or peruse Imaginarium’s other upcoming releases at site sponsor BigBadToyStore.
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