Give Me Your Latte! – Man Holds Up Starbucks in Optimus Prime Mask, Is Beaten Down with Chair

Per news magazine Inside Edition, a California man recently held up a Starbucks wearing a movie series Optimus Prime role play mask and brandishing a knife and firearm. The threat was serious, as was the heroism of an older patron who overpowered the villain, but it’s hard not to find humor in the imagery, too.
Inside Edition’s video coverage (warning: some decidedly non-fantasy violence is involved here) includes footage from the Starbucks security camera, which captures the man in the Optimus Prime mask attempting to intimidate the barista with his handgun and knife. Suddenly, he’s taken down from behind with a chair by a heroic patron. Quite apart from taking any faces, the crook immediately loses his mask as he is struck, then wrestled to the ground. It’s not exactly the Forest Battle, but the video captures much of the ensuing struggle.
The conflict led to wrestling over the knife and an exchange of stab wounds, so it isn’t all cartoon hijinks, and the attacker doesn’t seem to have been under the manipulation of any ancient robot gods. But it’s good to know that there’s still someone out there to protect us when our heroes turn against us. Even when that someone doesn’t have a transforming robot Camaro friend who can reason with them.
The helmet appears to be one of the handful of electronic voice changing role play helmets released during the first film trilogy. Come discuss violence and heroism with us – or help us identify the exact helmet employed – on the Allspark Forums.