Deluxe Repugnus Listed for Transformers Generations

Allspark user Nevermore has shared a listing from ACD Distribution for two upcoming Transfomers Generations figures: the previously leaked release of the TakaraTomy Blast Off mold, and Deluxe Repugnus! ACD is a wholesale distributor, so it’s likely that these two “Special Edition” Power of the Primes figures will be available at regular retail. 
Per a leaked and obscured box back, Power of the Primes Blast Off is to include a redeco of Prime Master Megatronus (Bomb-Burst). Since Repugnus’s listing shares the “Generations Special Edition” naming scheme and wholesale price of $9.99 with Blast Off, it’s likely that Repugnus will also come in Power of the Primes packaging and accompanied with another Prime Master or another accessory. The “Special Edition” moniker wasn’t included in Blast Off’s box back, so it’s unclear as yet what it refers to.
Blast Off himself has been confirmed, and a peek at his deco offered, by a recent art leak. You can check out the new listings yourself for Blast Off and Repugnus.
While the Autobot Monsterbots were ultimately a complete set in Titans Return – with Doublecross released as a regular-retail Deluxe figure, Grotusque offered as a tail-end exclusive, and Repugnus included as a Titan Master with a tiny monster-mode shell – a Deluxe iteration of Repugnus is likely to be a welcome addition to many collectors’ 1987 Autobot shelves.
Thanks again to the ever-vigilant Nevermore for this tip! Join the discussion in our Power of the Primes thread or come chat about it in realtime in our Discord channel.