Allspark’s Gaming Pick – Rifts “New Year New Game” Bundle

Like giant robots? Like insane magic? Like mutants, monsters, high tech, supernatural horrors? If you said “Yes” to any of those then do I have the game for you!

One of the things that I’ve missed most out of my life these past few years has been the joy and dedication to regularly scheduled table top gaming sessions. It really doesn’t matter which game I play, new or old – I love it all.

That said, I am going to start promoting games I love from all creators that you can pick up on the site 
To start things off with a bang we’re going big with a bundle presented by Palladium Books to get you started with one of the most robust settings in all of gaming – Rifts!
In addition to the updated (around 2006 or so) core rule book, the bundle will also include the revised Source Book 1 with additional classes, robots and adventures as well as two newer offerings. One is the GM tool kit which gives Game Masters new and old some tips and tools in how to run combat as well as tables and references to the most needed info. Second is the primer guide which gives GMs and players alike a firm understanding of not only how the rules work, but the best way to make the game run smoothly and interesting for everyone.

Don’t let the age of the game fool you though, Palladium is still cranking out source books and world books every year with new classes, new detailed areas of the post post apocalyptic Earth and hundreds of weapons, robots, armor, magic and super science.
The current sale puts all these items together in a single bundle package for about $20 which saves 48% off the regular price if you buy them separately. You can get these on DriveThruRPG website by clicking the affiliate link below.

New Year New Game Rifts Bundle – $19.99