Allspark Art Showcase of the Week for January 6th 2018

Goooooooood morning Allspark! It’s 0600 hours. What does the “O” stand for? Oh, my God, it’s early! It’s so early I’m not even awake yet! It is with deep regret and profound sadness that we inform you of the passing of the Allspark Art Showcase…of 2017 that is! Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, it is reborn!
It is only fitting to ring in the new year with Allsparker, and artist extraordinaire, Erick “Noideaforaname” Kowalick’s self-appointed Phoenix King Rodimus Onyx!
This past year, Eric has been slowly revitalizing the Allspark art community with his fun and imaginative Transformer and monster designs. Check out his work below and click on the image to view it in our forums! Don’t forget to check out the rest of Noideaforaname’s amazing work here and be sure to let him know what you think!

Do you like customizing, repainting, drawing, or making art? Share your works here in our Iacon Art Institute forums! Your work could be featured in our next Allspark Art Showcase!