Allspark Art Showcase of the Week for January 13th 2018

Goooooooood morning Allspark! It’s 0600 hours. What does the “O” stand for? Oh, my God, it’s early! It’s so early I’m not even awake yet! Speaking of early, let’s start this day off with our weekly tribute to the Allspark Art Showcase of the week.
Wait! It’s time we stop, hey, what’s that howl. Everybody look what’s going down….it’s this week’s showcase tribute brought to you by none other than Hot Shot enthusiast and Allspark member Walky‘s Fangry!
Many fans were extremely disappointed in Titans Return, a line whose unified gimmick is having toys with a detachable head which transforms into a robot of its own, not releasing the proper interpretations of classic Headmaster characters that traditionally used the gimmick like Fangry, Horri-Bull, and Squeezeplay. And let’s not forget Apeface and Snapdragon, who are among other extremely missed opportunities.
Walky’s Fangry is made from a Titans Return Titan Master Fangry and a slightly modified Titans Return Grotusque body. Check out his work below and click on the image to view the full gallery in our forums and be sure to let Walky know what you think of his outstanding work!

Do you like customizing, repainting, drawing, or making art? Share your works here in our Iacon Art Institute forums! Your work could be featured in our next Allspark Art Showcase!